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I’m going to confess something that will most likely force people to dislike me, however…

Natalie Dormer drives me up a fuckin’ wall. I don’t know what it is about her, I’m sure she’s a pleasant person face to face, but I cannot stand her in anything she’s ever done cinematically. I’m sorry, Natalie. I tried, I really did. 


Time-lapse of river changing course over 28 years.

Reminds me of Angiography.

Artist: Tinashe


Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) - Tinashe

Whoever recommended this, yeah. You’re right.


Monday marks the twentieth anniversary of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Philip Gourevitch looks back over his coverage of the genocide, and considers how his pieces might be read now, at nearly two decades’ remove:
Photograph by Dominic Nahr/Magnum.

This is an event in world history that I never knew had occurred until I was about 16 when I came upon a movie on HBO one night called Sometimes in April with Idris Elba and Pamela Nomvete. I don’t think I even understood what the film was at the time, but after deciding to watch it I quickly figured it out and ended up sobbing through its entirety. The Rwandan Genocide was most certainly overlooked in all of my history books growing up, amongst other historical atrocities (i.e. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Cambodia, Nigeria, etc) and the reason as to why falls to speculation, but I think it is something worth educating oneself on very thoroughly. We look back at many of the recorded atrocities of the past and it is hard to imagine that they even occurred, especially from an American standpoint, which is known for being notoriously detached from the horrors of world-reality half the time. But, I have come to realize there is no excuse for not trying to understand what the rest of the world has suffered through even if one has to draw out a diagram to wrap one’s head around the conflict. The documentation of survivorship is an active aspect of humanity that carries the most impact of hope amongst the tragedy.

Finally! [x]


A friend linked me these because he thought they’d be relevant to me, he was extremely correct.  If these pieces of advice aren’t relevant to you, improve yourself until they are.

A good chunk of Tumblr could benefit from this.
clownjester asked: Thanks! I love anxiety and first days of work. And - 2, 9, 13, 23, 27.

2 - I’m no longer a self-proclaimed train wreck and I wish a lot of people could have met me now rather than back then. 

9 - 1. Those who are disrespectful to the elderly, 2. Supervisors who use their rank as an excuse to treat their subordinates like crap, and 3. Lack of situational awareness. 

13 - Two Trains by Yo La Tengo.

23 - Deaths of my loved ones. 

27 - Olives.


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