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clownjester asked: Thanks! I love anxiety and first days of work. And - 2, 9, 13, 23, 27.

2 - I’m no longer a self-proclaimed train wreck and I wish a lot of people could have met me now rather than back then. 

9 - 1. Those who are disrespectful to the elderly, 2. Supervisors who use their rank as an excuse to treat their subordinates like crap, and 3. Lack of situational awareness. 

13 - Two Trains by Yo La Tengo.

23 - Deaths of my loved ones. 

27 - Olives.


Ask away
Not to include the deaths of service members on home soil within the safety of their own bases and port of call.  Unfortunately, March wasn’t entirely without her tragic farewells.

Artist: Lauryn Hill

my current mood

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"I’m having trouble dealing with society.""What aspect of society?""The whole thing."







I understand that the air force has been through budget cuts but damn

i know, they can’t even afford the new Firebolts

Are those Cleansweep Sevens???God, so embarrassing.

At least no one on the air force had to buy their way in. The got in on pure talent! 

Artist: Daughter

Smother | Daughter

I want all that is not mine
I want him but we’re not right

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I fall asleep to jet engines.

Artist: Major Lazer

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i turn my camera on // spoon

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23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Florida


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Adam LaFon, “mind, as always, someplace else” (2013)